A few weeks ago, I ordered Rivstart and Friday it arrived. It reminds me a lot of the textbooks I used to have for high-school, but for some reason this one feel… different. Probably because I decided to buy this one instead of merely being required to buy one for school. All in all, a Swedish textbook and feeling again that excitement to learn is more than enough for me to justify the purchase. Now just to make it a habit to go through it every day a little bit, and to listen to the audio tracks.

Beyond that, conversation with a very dear friend resulted in some ideas for things I could write. It is always exciting to have an audience for the writing, regardless of what it is. Nothing quite like knowing that somebody out there is looking forward to what you have to say, to what worlds you imagine and the characters that inhabit them to drive that desire to put the pen to paper and write. After all, it is always nice to be recognized.

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