Happy Halloween!

And a happy end of October!

It’s been a long month, with challenges along the way. I can only find relief in the thought that I am closer to my objectives. Everything seems closer, and I know that as much as it may be difficult, I need to keep going.

But. Nice things have happened this month and it is only right that I focus on those, even if only for a few moments. I am now much more certain that I will be travelling in February, which has me very excited. I made some cookies this month (they were great) and today I made a chocolate cake (currently in the over). I had a nice one-on-one conversation with an acquaintance, who I hadn’t talked to in a long time.

And I rediscovered the joy of reading. Devoured The Martian and recently finished Akarnae. Currently reading The Magicians’ Guild. Being lost in another world for a few hours, without feeling like it’s a chore. To forget of myself for a little while…

Ah… With that, October, I must bid you good bye. And for everyone else:


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