An excuse to hang out with friends

I watched the last Hunger Games movie on Saturday, the highlight of the week. If you ask me about the movie, it was okay. But I did not go out for the sake of the movie. It was a good excuse to hang out with friends. Having watched all the other three movies together, it was only right we did so for this one.

So we drove to the mall, the newly acquired licenses (or to be acquired) being the conversation subject throughout most of the trip. How each cars differed from each other, or what the experience of driving was overall. It was new for me to hear people who just learned how to drive talk about it. I don’t, and I only ever heard people who have been driving for a long time talk about it.

We chatted, caught up on our lives when we weren’t watching the movies, had fun and drove back. It was an enjoyable afternoon.

Oh! And I got to try out a small bag I bought a few weeks ago! Lovely thing.


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