Last night, I told to myself: “you are going to pay for doing this to yourself”. It was another late night working on what needs to be done. Slightly unavoidable, considering the deadlines were looming over us. But I don’t think I’ve felt that tired in a while. The days of not-really resting are slowly piling up. Just two more weeks. I tell myself that. It makes it easier to get on with my day, to at least see the end for just one thing.

On the bright side, my mother picked up a stray dog during the weekend. After a bath and a good meal, he seemed happier. And, every time this happens I wish that I had enough money to have my own animal shelter. I know that my mother would be happy treating and taking care of stray animals. Maybe even finding them a good home for them. But, for now, just doing some good for one or two is good enough.

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