Links & Other Bits

Throughout the years, I’ve picked up things that even now accompany me. Some are merely songs I may no longer remember, foods I can’t remember the taste. Others, are a reminder of what could have been and what I hope will eventually be. Here is a collection of them:

  • On that last trip to my grandmother’s house, before we left the country, I distinctly remember one song playing on the radio. “Y Mi Banda Toca El Rock”, by Laura Pausini. Hearing it makes me go back to that trip, watching the trees go by as we drove on that endless road, and reminds me of the stops we would make… Reminds me of… a farewell. Both to the people and to the land itself.
  • (a.k.a Tastycast) was my home for a long time after I moved to Portugal. And oh, how I enjoyed hanging around that community. Meet wonderful people and my interest in competitive Arena FPS was solidified. It was… and still is a place I could call home.
  • From my time in EVE, the Rooks and Kings YouTube channel contains some videos that even today keep my love for the game alive. MisterK remains an all time favourite, along with Clarion Call 4. Sadly, my time with the game has been cut short by the lack of money and time to spend on the game. But I can say I was there, in one of the biggest battles in EVE history.
  • And from my competitive Arena FPS being, on the game I never played, it would have to be RTCW – Competitive History (2002). I’ve always been a sucker for good frag movies and tournament highlights, and that one holds a special place in my memories.
  • Then, from Call of Duty 4, Suspension of Disbelief. Short and sweet. Great music. Great production. Enjoyable to watch. And a very nice message, along the way. One of the reasons why attribution is so important to me: know your roots. At some point I will go, frame by frame, trying to dig out all the credits in it.
  • Red Extensions of Me, by the Flashbulb. Or Lawn Wake IV (Black Edition), if you can find it. One of the many artists that I promised myself to buy the entire discography once I have the money to do so. In the mean time, listening to that album on bandcamp will suffice.
  • Your Way, by Netsky is a song that used to play on boot back when I had a Linux partition. It still holds a good place in my heart.