For a long time, happiness evaded me. I’d go through my day merely going through the motions, always pursuing the next high. I even forgot how to feel for a while, numb by everything. Curiously, it was during that time that I found the one song that reliably improves mood and that gets me to smile when I’m feeling down.

But, sadly, I can’t be happy just on that. It is great to push me out and make me feel better, but it isn’t enough to be happy by itself. And just like everything else, there is only so much that can do. The little pleasures of life are exactly that: just little pleasures. They can’t fix what is broken.

Instead, happiness for me comes from spending some time with those that I love. I might be feeling terrible, and in fact I might just want to quit. But I will still smile because there is just something special about knowing that, even if I feel broken inside, there is somebody who’s willing to help me pick up the pieces.

This post was written as a response to The Seeker’s Dungeon prompt “Getting to our happy place”